Mission/Vision Statements

The Expeditionary Learning model focuses on three levels of student achievement: 

  • Mastery of knowledge and skills
  • Robust character development
  • Production of high-quality work




What is Expeditionary Learning? 🚀 📚 🕔 - YouTube

What is EL Education? We spent some time around the students, parents, and teachers at Point of Discovery School and came away with a better understanding of...





What sets Park Ridge apart from other schools? 

  1. The Community is our classroom
    At Park Ridge, the community becomes our classroom. Students learn in the community through fieldwork that ties to specific standards, give back through service, and share their newfound insights through Celebrations of Learning where the community is invited to see what our students have learned. It is a place where we focus on high achievement for everyone, and students become active members in the community committed to building a better world.
  2. K-12 Crew
    One of our mottos is "We are crew, not passengers." We all carry a responsibility to help one another. Every class in the building participates in 30 minutes of Crew every morning from 8:30-9:00. Crew fosters relationship building, academic progress monitoring, and character development. It helps students build positive connections with their community, peers, and their crew leader.