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Proud To Be NSD

We are providing current and future generations with innovative approaches to education through personalized learning.

NSD at a Glance

  • 13,560 Spirited Students
  • 1,675 Committed Staff Members
  • 2,673 Dual Credit Courses Taken
  • 24 High-Quality Schools
  • 94 Square Miles of Superior Learning Facilities

Why Choose The Ridge?

To equip students with a spirit of Crew through outstanding character, mastery of knowledge and skills, the ability to produce high-quality work, and an ethic of service to our community.
What sets Park Ridge apart from other schools? 
1. The Community is our classroom
At Park Ridge, the community becomes our classroom. Students learn in the community through fieldwork that ties to specific standards, give back through service, and share their newfound insights through Celebrations of Learning where the community is invited to see what our students have learned. It is a place where we focus on high achievement for everyone, and students become active members of the community committed to building a better world.
2. Crew
Our motto is "We are crew, not passengers." We all carry a responsibility to help one another. Every class in the building participates in 30 minutes of Crew every morning from 8:30-9:00. Crew fosters relationship building, academic progress monitoring, and character development. It helps students build positive connections with their community, peers, and their crew leader.

NSD's Strategic Vision

Two young boys kneel on the carpet almost touching heads as they arrange counting tiles.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: The mission of the Nampa School District is to ensure high levels of achievement for every student.

Vision: Every student is fully engaged in extraordinary learning experiences, preparing for successful transition to the next stage of life.


Upcoming Events

Globe overlaid with info: 6 p.m. Feb. 3 at Columbia High School.

Night Around the World Gala

Support the Nampa Schools Foundation at this evening celebrating our students, their heritage and their future exploration. Tickets are available at