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Our School Counseling Program


I am looking forward to another school year working with our great students, parents, and staff.  Here is a brief overview of our counseling program.


School counselors base their work on student performance standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).  These standards fall into three categories: Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal/Social Development.  A complete description of these categories is available at


Using those standards, here is a list of some of the functions I perform as the school counselor:


~ Teach counseling related subjects in each classroom at various times throughout the school year. The lessons are designed to promote school success. 

~ Act as a student advocate

~ Promote academic success for all students

~ Conduct brief individual and small group counseling to promote school success

~ Assist with individual student planning

~ Participate in parent education

~ Consult with teachers and other professionals

~ Provide crisis counseling

~ Give families information about community resources


Some of the student needs I get to help with as the school counselor are:

* Study skills

* Social skills, including friendship and conflict management

* Problem-solving

* Coping with new situations (e.g. moving, new baby, blended family, deployment)

* School problems (i.e. bullying)

* Anger management

* Grief and loss

* Family concerns (i.e. divorce, foster care, remarriage)


Please note, school counselors do not provide long-term therapy in the school environment.