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Music Class

To access Mrs. Steffler's class assignments, you will need to use Flipgrid. If you don't already have Flipgrid on your ipad follow these steps to download it. Here is a video link showing these steps:
1. Click on Manager app on your ipad. 
2. Click on Self-Service, then on My Apps.
3. Search for Flipgrid.
4. Click on Flipgrid - It will download to your ipad.
Now, you will get to use Flipgrid. Again, here is a video to help:
1. Click on Flipgrid.
2. Select Student
3. Enter the code for your grade level:
        Kindergarten Code: prmusick
        1st Grade Code: prmusic1
        2nd Grade Code: prmusic2
        3rd Grade Code: prmusic3
        4th Grade Code: prmusic4
        5th Grade Code: prmusic5
4. You will then be asked to login using your email. Here is a quick tutorial:
If you don't know your school email address, you can call or text me at (208) 615-2664 and I can tell/text you that information. You can also ask your classroom teacher.