6th - 8th Grades

The Ridge Hills



- Self-motivated?
- Enjoy science and social studies?
- Enjoy collaborative work settings?
- Like to help others?


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Thematically Based

Science, English, and HIstory are divided into a series of themes and guiding questions taught through facilitated discussions, hands-on experiences, and community engagement.


Students have regular time with teachers that focuses on facilitating goal setting, social skills,  and problem-solving. This framework allows students to independently apply life skills to take ownership of their own learning. 8th graders then move on to mentor students on campus in K-5. 

Community Minded

Teachers encourage families to be strong partners in their children’s learning. In addition, we work to build and sustain partnerships with community organizations in an effort to both provide service to the community and learn from adults in various fields of work.  

Small School Setting

The Ridge is located on a campus that supports students learning K-8, building a supportive community with a small-school feel.

We are CREW

The structure of Crew allows for relationship building, academic progress monitoring, and character development. Crew allows students to build positive connections with their peers and with their crew leader.